• Nintendo Life - 8 / 10
    "With its twist on platformer gameplay and ridiculous amount of content, Antipole would make a great addition to anyone’s DSiWare collection, especially fans of the genre looking for something new. The main campaign is over quick, but the myriad of other challenges and play modes makes this a title worth visiting again and again. It’s fun, challenging and bears an attractive price; this is one game that shouldn’t be passed up."
  • Nintendo World Report - 8.5 / 10
    "Antipole is a surprisingly deep, content-heavy game that’s a steal for $5."
    "Antipole is a very fun, imaginative platformer with lots of content and a great premise. DSi and 3DS owners would be silly to pass it up."
  • Nintendo Universe - 9 / 10
    "This exhilarating side-scrolling platformer sees players step into the role of the stylish Johnny Hurricane, granted with an ability that sees the title’s unique concept allow it to rub shoulders with the very best in the genre."
    "Antipole makes a daring, and exceptional, attempt to steer the genre in new directions. Packed full of content, its 500 Nintendo DSi Point price is a generous one, and a game that most certainly should be on your handheld."
  • Cubed3 - 8 / 10
    Saturnine Games has delivered one of the tightest and most enjoyable experiences on the Nintendo DSiWare download service with Antipole. Fusing standard action platform antics with dastardly death traps and a fantastic gravitational twist to add in plenty of necessary strategic thought, for just 500 Nintendo Points this is easily one of the highlights of Nintendo’s download service. It can only be hoped that a sequel is also being worked on for the 3DS eShop or WiiWare so fans do not have to wait too long for more of this gaming goodness.
  • Nintendo Power - Recommended
    "It's a fantastic play mechanic that can be used in numerous clever ways, such as sending missiles back at enemies and leading foes to their doom. Combined with genre staples like moving platforms and switch puzzles, you get a very compelling and fun game. The game also has a smooth difficulty curve and plenty of replay value."
    Received two 2011 Nintendo Power Awards nominations: "Game of the Year - Downloadable" and "Game of the Year - Overall".
  • Destructoid - 8 / 10
    "As stated before, Antipole reminds me in many ways of N and VVVVVV -- indie games that simplify gameplay down to its purest essence yet are still able to provide a hearty challenge. Making the game any longer would have run the risk of spreading the gravity gimmick or level variety thin, so I'm happy to say that it struck the right balance. There's nothing like solid platforming action to make those stale Nintendo Points useful again!"
  • Nintendo Okie - 4 / 5
    "Antipole takes great platforming, stellar visuals, wonderful level design and tosses in the ability to change gravity itself and mixes it into a brilliant casserole of platforming deliciousness. If you’re the type of person that likes a challenging game experience and a lesson in how platforming should be done I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up Antipole."
    "... some of the best platforming experiences I’ve ever had in a game in a long time."
  • Gamers Daily News - 8 / 10
    "With competent platforming mechanics, a reasonable stage variety, and Antipole just being good fun in a classical style, it’s pretty easy to recommend for purchase."
  • Xbox Hornet - 8.5 / 10
    "If you like good electronic music and/or good hard platforming; stop reading right now and get this game."
  • Console Obsession - 9 / 10
    "Antipole is a superb game, and one that shows that it is possible to make a great Indie Game despite the huge amount of rubbish that can be found on Xbox Live. Saturnine Games haven’t invented the mechanic of gravity manipulation, but they’ve certainly lovingly adopted it and utilized it expertly in this highly recommended game."
  • Honest Gamers - 9 / 10
    "Antipole is everything a basic 2D platformer, a flash game, and an indie game should be. It's simple, loaded with content, inexpensive, challenging, inventive, and it's a major blast! It really puts your timing and skill to the test and requires you to think as well as act."
  • Armless Octopus - 4 / 5
    "In Antipole, I found a well balanced platformer. During my experience I was eased into the difficulty curve like a child learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels. The smooth transition into two wheels as the difficulty gradually ramps up is what I believe most gamers will find appealing. My time with this title was well spent, and I don’t doubt that others will share my feelings towards it as well. For those of you looking for a more forgiving Megaman type game, I think you’ve come to the right place."
  • Indie Gamer Chick - #3 on Top 10 List
    "Antipole is clearly one of the best games on the marketplace. It strips out the bullshit and leaves us with innovative platforming at it’s very core. It features good graphics and a really inspired soundtrack. The concept is well realized, never being boring or tedious. And there’s some awesome gaming homages in here, like a boss fight that will be familiar to fans of Super Metroid."
  • The Indie Mine - 4 / 5
    "It would’ve been very easy for the developers to simply reuse the featured gravity-altering device in repetitive ways and try to cash in on what could’ve been a gimmick. Instead, Antipole blends a little bit of platforming with a varied puzzle structure in a fun and rewarding way. It really makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you finally figure out the trick to progressing past a difficult area."
  • IGN - 7.5 / 10
    "Holding the R Button flips gravity in a wide circle surrounding Johnny as you run and jump through Antipole's stages, letting him walk on the ceiling, make longer jumps than he otherwise could have and send enemies plummeting to their doom – upward. It's a lot of fun just to play around with, and paired with Johnny's quick-firing pulse gun and the constant timer on the screen, the pace always feel electric."